Thursday, August 13, 2009

Atatürk Mausoleum

Some pics from today:
No, its not Acropolis...
Built in 9 years and finished in 1953

First week it's tamam to look like tourists!
Me, Lena & Jaira.

So sweet Ahu, Eeyneb, Gökhan & Ümit took us there.

John Cleese was here?
Exchanging of the guards

120 000m2 tempel and the rest 600 000m2 park, that's HUGE.

The funniest thing when Gökhan asked me where I was from:
-Ahh Hej, hur mår du?!
-Wow have you lived there?!
-No I was born in Antalya...

Antalya is a swedish colony. He has had three swedish girlfriends. Life is ironic.

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