Thursday, August 20, 2009


Today I was able to get the dolmuş to stop right outside my door! I love the dolmuşes here, smartest transportation ever! They are minibuses without bus stops, so when you want to get on you just stand by the side of the road and wave graciously and one will stop for you. Then it takes 10min to school in Kizilay. Cheep too, 1.75 lira (0.80 euro).

The problem is when I go home. First days I didn't even know where I lived... Then I knew, but was never able to get the driver to stop in time (how hard can it be to understand "Stop please"). Now I know the area and can ask the driver to stop in turkish, huge success!

The funniest part is to pay. If you sit in the back you can give the money to the person in front and then the whole bus will pay it forward to the driver, and then they pay the change backward. It amuses me as much every time!

The big dolmuş station in Kizilay.

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