Wednesday, August 12, 2009


After a long looong wait I have finally arrived to my favorite country in this world - Turkey.

I didn't plan to have a blog but this country is so beautiful and there is so much I want to share with you from here! I hope that after reading this you will have a better and more correct picture about it. This is real Turky - not some Rinkeby!

Since three days (yeah really, but it feels like forever) I've been living in Ankara. Going to be here for one month to study the best language ever - turkish of course. I really really really want to be fluent in this language so I'm taking a language course. I've been reading some turkish by myself at home but I'm actually the worst case in my class. We are about 14 persons from the most different countries - me from sweden, germany, austria, the us, vietnam, kazakstan, france and türkmenistan. Some of them are half turkish and want to learn "their roots" and some have turkish boyfriends/girlfriends. Half of the class doesn't even speak english so our teacher Yeçim only teaches in turkish which makes things a little more complicated...

But that makes it so much mo important to learn! And for example it would be really nice to have a real conversation with my turkish mum, have to learn some more first... Looking forward to it a lot, she is so much more than I could ever wish for!

And it would be nice to talk to my classmates. The sweet girls from Türkmenistan for example - all we can do is to say the salutions we learned in turkish and then we just sit and smile at eachother, weei. One of them are named Maierhaba which sounds like the turkish word for hello, Merhaba. This made our teacher very confused:

-Hello, my name is Hello.

-No no no, you are supposed to say "Hello", and then your name!

-Yes {embarassed} Hello, my name is Hello.

-Öh hmm.... Omg, can I see your passport? ....... Yes it actually true. omg...

Had another funny conversation with the french guy that doesn't speak so much english. So at first we spoke turkish - not so good (yet), english - not working eather, so we ended up speaking french (did I mention that the conversation was not so giving). The day after I didn't know which lauguage he was speaking in so we started to speak only with gestures instead.

And the two girls I'm exploring Ankara with, Lena & Johanna, are german so all the languages are spinning in my head now!

Now Im going to sleep so I will wake up sooner for tomorrow :)

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