Friday, August 14, 2009

The Old Town Ulus

Everyday here is a big adventure! Today after class and great lunch at Julians oncles restaurant it was decided that we should check out Ulus, the Old Town in Ankara. But it's not cute and touristy (there are no tourists at all in Ankara) like Stockholm. People who live in Ankara recommend us NOT to go there because it's dangerous, all the very religios people hang there.

Sounded like to much fun to miss!

It was like coming to another country just two stations away with the Ankaray! This is the Turkey I think most people imagine. Really fascinating to see all old men and women with kerchiefs sitting outside the moques (there were one café for only men). But after a while I felt to much "dålig stämning" with me there with blonde hair and skirt so we went to drink some beer but there were none. But I really have to come back to Ulus with my Nikon. Only had a little camera today, but this deserves better.

Çok religios man in Ulus

The castle in Ulus

It was hot today!!

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