Friday, August 14, 2009

Lost and lost & found

Some days ago I noticed that I probably forgot my iPod at bus from Istanbul. My friends said that I for sure had seen the last of it in a big city like this. But I went to the bus office and they told me (I think...) to ask in another bus office outside town so I went there today.

It's always impossible to know what bus or dolmus to take (there is no here, how do they do it!?) and when I showed my little note I got with the name of the place I was going to, the whole bus wanted to help me and pointing and explaining (of course I understood nothing).

Finally got there and asked the man in the reception, and he said something in the loudspeakers. Another man in shirt came I had to come in to his office. He said "Aha you are Jessica Sal" and then opened his safe and in there ----- my iPod! (It says Jessica Sll in the backside)

I love turkish peolpe - Türk seviyorum

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