Thursday, August 27, 2009

Free time

My turkish is making huge improvments, even though it's not as fast as I would like. I wasn't aware but am (apparently) really stressed about this.

But I took a break from the homework yesterday to visit one of the biggest shopping centers here in Ankara, Ankamall. It was enormous!!! It had at least three Starbuck - (or it could have been the same three times, because) I was lost big time! Five pair of shoes later I finally found my way out...

I always speak turkish with the clerks - and they always answear in english! But I continue to speak turkish - and they continue to speak english... wtf....

I played tavla with Julian too, I discovered that I had a lot more to learn in this fantastic game...!

1. Julian playing Tavla (Backgammon)
2. Ankamall

1. Jaïra and me studying at a roof terrace-café.
2. Me and Lena saw a wild turtle when we were studying in the Botanic garden

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