Monday, August 31, 2009

Wonderful wonderful weekend!

This weekend I spent hanging with İpek, Levent & Yiğit. They are really the best taking me under their wings! At Café Bien at friday and saturday night, the most popular bar in Ankara (and it's no problem wearing short pants), always crowded!

Sunday breakfast (and lunch.... and afternoon coffee...) me and Levent spent at a café with vue over the city. We were eating so much I felt dizzy. Later the other joined us and we met Kağan who invited us to barberque party the same night at his brothers house.

But before that we went to a sea outside Ankara and had a great time relaxing, drinking beer and watching the sunset. Need I even say that the dinner at Erkans place also was great...?

I don't want to leave Ankara now!!!!

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