Friday, October 30, 2009

Parents soon visiting and Crime rates

My parents are coming to visit me next weekend, im starting to miss them a lot now when I know that they are actually coming! but im really nervous to - I really want them to love Istanbul like I do. I already booked a table at one of the best restaurants for the night they are arriving!

Im getting worried that they booked the flight to the wrong country though, like western sahara desert or something, because they keep asking me crazy questions like what shots they need to take before they go and they don't wanna bring their cameras because they might break. I'm just waiting for them to ask if they should bring the camping set too...

To calm them down I recommend them to read this:
Istanbul boasts lowest crime rate in Europe
ISTANBUL, Turkey -- Istanbul is the safest major city in Europe, according to the 2006 European Crime and Safety Survey. Governor of Istanbul Province Muammer Guler presented the findings Tuesday (March 20th). The data shows the crime rate in Istanbul was 18% last year, compared to 32% in London, 27% in Amsterdam, 26% in Belfast and Dublin, 24% in Copenhagen, 23% in Stockholm, 20% in Brussels, and 19% in Rome.

Found some pics from my birthday in Stockholm the same week I left Sweden:

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