Friday, November 27, 2009

Feast of the Sacrifice

Istanbul is emty. Everyone has gone to visit their relatives in their home citys.
Me and Sema are in a couple of minutes on our way to the airport to visit her relatives in Samsun during the holiday. Kurban Bayramı or Feast of the Sacrifice is a four day holiday in the muslim contries when you sacrifice animals to the God. Sema and other have well prepared be for what this means and I'm prepared for the worst.

From Hurriyet Daily News:

For practicing Muslims, the Feast of the Sacrifice is seen as an essential tenant of faith. A four-day festival, which takes place 70 days after the fasting month of Ramadan, it is a time for prayer and celebration. It is also an integral past of the pilgrimage to Mecca. After the animal has had its throat cut and the blood has drained away, the meat is cut and then shared – one third saved for the household, one third shared between friends and neighbors and the final third given to the poor.

The Feast of the Sacrifice is the reenactment of İbrahim’s (Abraham) willingness to sacrifice his son İsmail (Isaac) to God. Seeing his obedience, God substituted a ram for İbrahim to sacrifice instead of his son. The story is told in the Bible and is significant for the world’s three major Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. For Islam it is kept as a holy feast where a cloven-hoofed animal is ritually slaughtered in remembrance of İbrahim and for the forgiveness of sins.

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