Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Midterm adventures

Im really longing to start working with my 984 pics from this weekend in Cappadokia, but had midterm both today and yesterday. Turkish students have a little different approach to exams than swedish people. In sweden mobile phones are forbidden and if you talk during the exam you will have to leave the class room without handing in the exam. Here is cheating not an exception - its a rule (today was it my luck)

This problem session is a joke, I'm laughing all through lesson. And the class started to laugh too when I said it was totally fine to have lesson in turkish, wonder why..!

Vue from Merts window in Dikilitaş. Notice the man at the roof, living the dangerous life!

A Baily's after 30 hour non stop studying right before the exam is a great idea according to Mert
(Notice the christmas tree in the left back. "Christmas tree?! I thought it was just decoration")

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