Sunday, November 1, 2009

My house!

Thought I might show you my wonderful cute house. It looks kind of malplaced with all the big houses around. And we even have a own garden and parking spot :) It's located 5min from school in Rumeli Hisarüstü, see A at the map underneath. You can also read what the school page says about the area...

Rumeli Hisarustu: Located across from the Etiler or North Gate of the campus, this town is particularly useful. It has the bread bakery closest to campus. On Saturday afternoons it has an open market from which vegetables and fruit of good quality may be purchased inexpensively. The Saturday market is also a source for some cooking utensils, laundry supplies, hardware goods, and the like. Rumeli Hisarustu has restaurants, a vegetable and fruit stand, some grocery stores, a pastry shop, pharmacies and a bevy of copy shops. It is also one of the more convenient locations for catching a bus downtown or finding a taxi.

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