Monday, November 16, 2009

Turkish bureaucracy

I most of the time think Turkey is wonderful, but about turkish bureaucracy have I nothing good to say. You are supposed to get a resist permit within the first month you are here, but I didn't know my address in Ankara and when I arrived to Istanbul didn't I know how to get it. Later I learn that you needed to book a time at the police office. I took the first free available, witch was one month later...

I needed to go to the police station three times (to leave to papers, to pay & to get the permit) and since its two hours away was it quite time consuming.  But the the worst part comes when you arrive there. My appointment was at 11.oo but I knew from friends that they don't accept students until 16.00. So why should we be there at 11??? And the queue then is hours long! Me and Musa were smart and arrived at 22.00 instead, got last in the queue, and "only" had to wait for two hours.

My student card arrived too, so after two months at Bogazici am I finally a real student.

And after third try I got my bus card too, Halleluja!

The queue at the police station to get a queue ticket, I'm not joking, the real waiting comes after this... 

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