Sunday, December 13, 2009


Ohh why am I sitting home listening to Lucia songs for the first time the only year I actually can't celebrate it?? It really must be the most beautiful tradition ever I realize now! I was thinking to write something about the reason why swedish people celebrate a saint from Sicily, but I actually don't know... I post the link to wikipedia instead. And here is a lousy translation from google translate of the Lucia song.

Santa Lucia, bright clear mirage,
spread in our winter light of your beauty.
Dreams with wings rustling over us sia,
match your white light, Santa Lucia.

And don't miss to watch this!!

The most beautiful girl gets to be Lucia

Found these at Starbucks (this pic is taken in september though..). Looks like Lussekatter (Lucia cake) but says "Puff pastry with potato, dill & parley"

At church


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