Saturday, December 26, 2009


Tonight I worked the night shift at the bank. It felt like I pushed the pause button when I left and pushed Play half a year later, because they all still sat there in the same positions as when I left.

My friends thought it was strange that I went to work when I only was home for ten days and I said I had to because I don’t have any money and needed a update at some new things, but that was a lie. The truth is that I missed my work. Peter, Amir, Mileta & Wille – the guys I spend my nights with. And all those drunk customers calling from somewhere in Sweden, having lost their bank cards in the bar. And those who lost their cards during adventures accross the world. All the stories you hear in one night are enough for a lifetime.
And the skimming attacks – even I we sit and complain about them all night long. Good times yes.

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