Friday, December 18, 2009


I'm hoooome!! After five months in Turkey I'm back on national soil (just for 10 days though)
-15 degrees and snow! Fuck, thats really really cold. But it's so white and beautiful here! I'm so so happy and lucky.

My and mum went from the airport to the supermarket to by ingredients for my favorite food to dinner. Mum let me buy exactly what I wanted and I was jumping around and felt like a little child again.
At home the first I did was running up to my room for ascertain that no one else had taken over it while I was gone. Looked in the closets and, wow, I have so much clothes!

Me and sis just came in from playing in the snow in our garden. Sooo much snow :D

But I know I wouldn't be this happy if I were not going back to Istanbul soon.

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