Friday, February 12, 2010

At Hospital

I have now had a really bad head ace for one month. It's not a normal one, but feels like I hit my head in something, but it never passes. So I went to the doctor, a private one in Etiler. And wow - now I understand the benefits with private health care! It didn't feel like being in a hospital for one minute, no waiting in line and there was four different persons taking care of me during the half hour I was there. But of course they didn't found anything wrong with me so I had to go to the main hospital for a head scan.

I imagined the scan to be like when you go to the dentist, but turned out to be a PET scan like the ones I only saw in american tv shows before. I had to be in it for 20 minutes but it was quite comfortable because I woke up after a while of my own snores. Scan bill: 970 lira, which is about 5000 swedish crowns!

The most ironic thing - going between the hospitals I actually got hit by a taxi. It was partly my fault, but the taxi showed up from a place I didn't expect (they never do though...).  I landed on my butt at the street but no other injuries than embarrassment from a whole bus with people staring.

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