Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Suck it Fener!

Hahahahaha! The only thing that can resolves Besiktas and Galatasaray grief for not winning the football super-league, is the malice of that their arch-enemy Fenerbahce thought they won the league, but then realized they didn't!
A announcement from the loudspeakers said the at the same time playing Bursaspor-Besiktas scores was 2-2, witch would have put Fenerbahce with highest score, but actually Bursa run the game with 2-1 - witch was realized a couple of minutes later.
The man who made the announcement was detained and questioned by police but was released Monday after saying it was an honest mistake.

Read more in Hürriet and watch this hilarious video with Fenerbahce celebrating their non-existing title.


  1. Hehe så kul att mannen som sa det hamnar hos polisen... känns liiite Turkiet det där. :)

    Och Jessie, om du fotograferar och pratar turkiska så stylar jag. Vi har en affärsiidé här känner jag! .)

  2. HÅhh låter alldeles för frestande! :)