Saturday, October 23, 2010

A new home!!

I'm the only one of my friends (except one) still living with my parents. But everything has its time and now it's time for me too to leave the nest. Me and my dad together started looking at apartments five days ago, and we both feel completely in love with the first one we saw! We knew that this was the one. After a nerv-thrilling week with bidding (and secrecy, cause I couldn't stand to tell my friends I lost my dream home) we got out of the battle as victories and with the most beautiful apartment I've ever seen. This is not just a house, but a real home. Love at first sight.

I'm not gonna show pictures from the inside now, that will come in a few months when me and Cem have moved in and got everything together. For now I can show you the location. It's in the north of beautiful green Stockholm, just 10min from the central station.


  1. Stort grattis! Att äga sin första egna bostad är en stor känsla. Jag går fortfarande runt och myser av välbehag i min lägenhet trots att det var ett par år sedan jag köpte den.