Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Sometimes you face setbacks that might seem like the end of the world - like this week. At those points it is important to take a step back and consider what is really important for you and what experiences you gathered -I'm really trying.
A huge experience for example is when I traveled alone to south-east Turkey. (I'm trying to boost myself here on the blog if you didn't already notice...)

Me and my baby on adventures

Outside Şanlıurfa

Lunch in Şanlıurfa

At the city wall of Diyarbakır

In fantastic Mardin


  1. Hej. Kollade runt lite i din blogg och såg att du bott i Istanbul, vilken dröm! Jag vill själv flytta dit snart och lära mig mer turkiska. Så jag undrar hur du gjorde, var du gick i skola, var du bodde, hur du fick pengar till allting osv. Hade varit jätte roligt om du svarade. MVH Jolie

  2. Hej! Va avis jag blir att du ska flytta till Istanbul! Jag åkte genom et utbyte genom kth. Här kan du få svar på dina frågor!
    eller här:!KTH_katalog_KLAR.pdf sid 10-11.
    Hör gärna av dig om jag kan hjälpa dig mer!

  3. I have just been in istanbul and was surprised by how odd i think the city is. I dont think it is very friendly for tourist so now i am trying to see if i am the only one of that oppinion. Did you like the city at first sight?

  4. Hey mette,
    I loved the city at first sight but i understand that many dont. It's easy to get drawn in to the tourist traps and meet opinionated sellers. But as soon you get away from sultanahmet i think that picture changes drastically.
    I hope you will go again so that the city can show itself from its best side.