Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Cem's first Christmas in Sweden! Because of that I felt like we had to show a how a real Christmas in Sweden is celebrated. Even Santa Claus (Mum) came! When me and Cem woke up on Christmas we went to my parents house to begin the celebrations. We went for a walk during the day and then came home for preparing Christmas dinner. At 4 o'clock we saw Kalle Anka with the rest of the Swedish people, I don't think that Cem really understood the concept of it, haha! After that dinner with all Swedish specialties like herring and Christmas ham we opened the Christmas presents under the Christmas tree.

Ever since I started studying at KTH I've wanted to give my parents a trip to show my appreciation for all their support. So I gave them a one week stay in an apartment in Amalfi, Italy. Also to Cem and Jennifer. Finally after 5 years I was able to fulfill my promise!

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