Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Touristing in Madrid

The weather during our morning in Madrid was not at its best, but it didn't matter so much since Isabelle showed me a ultra fast tourist tour. Actually I got to see the top five tourist attractions in Madrid from the outside in about one hour!

Then we went back to the airport and was there two hours before the plane was about to leave. However we go stuck in the check-in desk for over one hour. We got more and more and more worried that we would miss the flight but the airport staff kept telling us not to worry. When we finally reached the check-in desk we realized that we didn't have the address to where we were gonna stay in New York, which we needed to give. 5 min later when we had called home to get someone to check on internet for us - the check-in to the plane had closed. After a lot of fake/real crying we got on the wait list for the next plane - and after a long nervous wait we got on it.

A lousy cafe which was the only one we could find for breakfast.

Walking on the long street Calle Mayor

Outside the Royal Palace, Palacio Real

Almudena Cathedral

The Royal Theather, Teatro Real

Me at Plaza de Oriente

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