Tuesday, May 17, 2011


One of the highlights of KTH takes place every third year in may and is a big carneval called Quarnevalen. The first carnival took place already in 1910 and has been a recurrent event since (with some intermissions). 

Quarnivalen starts half a year before the carnival with that all the students who wants, also from other universities, come up with a idea about with what to participate with, sell Quarnival magazines to raise money to the project and then the organizing student group fixes all the building material. Then in may, the team has one week to build their contribution to the carnival. That week is full of parties every day and the construction site is constantly a big feast.

The carnival contribution can be about anything you want. Most contributions are really funny, but many of them are also a demonstration against something.

In 2008 I was myself a participant of Quarnivalen, in 2011 we saw the carnival from the front row in Mirjams apartment.

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