Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Spring conference

Some pics from the welcome drink is all I feel comfortable sharing from our spring conference at work. But it was a great conference spent during 1,5 days at Djurö in Stockholm archipelago. I'm so happy for my awesome colleagues!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Last night in Istanbul

Vallie and Johan went home and Jonatan needed to sleep. However, me, Eric and Victor, and also Funda, didn't want to waste the last night so went to Taksim. First dinner at Borsa, which I think has great Tukish food. The we went to Küçük Beyoğlu for some shots. Besides that, Taksim seemed quiet so we went to the only place I know is great on Sundays - Supper, which always has great hiphop!

Funny story: Me and Eric had just ordered in the bar when they told us that they were about to close and we had to leave. "But what are we supposed to do with our drinks?!" we asked the bartender who then poured our drinks in a Absolute vodka glas that we were allowed to bring home. Drinks to go, only happens in Istanbul! :D

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Third day in Istanbul

Spent at the Asian side. Brunch at Café Romantika and then walking at Cadde Bostan. Victor even took a swim!

Second night in Istanbul

Ordered home food from Yemeksepeti and ate at our balcony. After that Reina and Anjelique :)

Second day in Istanbul

Brunch at Assk Kahve and then touristing in Sultanahmet. While the others were in Grand bazaar I took the opportunity to visit Sinan and his brothers in their shop. They are always so nice and happy to see me :)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A carzy night out in Istanbul

A crazy night out with crazy people in Istanbul! 

Preparty and games at the balcony

Jonatan trying Raki!

Going out!

First stop at Balkon to meet Pamir and his new girlfriend 

 Shot stop!

At Nuteras and with the view of Istanbul ♥

Met with Murat and his friends

The view from the dancefloor ♥

The heart pumping dance! ;)

Late night soup

Veeery late night ;)

Afterparty at the balcony!