Friday, May 17, 2013

To Istanbul with NG!!

Me and Eric were talking and we decided that we should do an alumni travel with Näringslivsgruppen. We have during our time at KTH gone to Liverpool and Berlin. And why not now go to Istanbul since I already knew all the best clubs and restaurants! :)

Me, Jonatan and Victor were gonna go yesterday at lunchtime, Vallie and Johan are gonna arrive today at dinner time and Eric was gonna come this morning from Kazakhstan.

So we were sitting at Arlanda having beer when we realize that we are kinda late to the gate and when we arrive to the passport control they start to call our names in the speakers. Me and Victor passes through but Jonatan gets stopped because they say that his passport is blocked. And to the story belongs that I'm saying to them at Arlanda Express "As long as we have our passports it doesn't matter what else we forgot" and Jonatan telling a funny story about that he actually had two passports at home but was sure that he brought the latest one. But Jonatan misses the plane and have to go home again. At home he realizes he has a third passport which is valid, so now he's booked a new ticket and is coming here soon :)

So I and Victor spent the night with Funda and Murat partying and ended up with afterparty at Murat's place where we also slept. It was so funny when Eric arrived to our apartment (amazing apartment in Ortaköy, rented through Airbnb) and actually just got home 10 min earlier. Haha and he assumed that Jonatan was still sleeping somewhere and that Funda was the apartment owner :)


Arrived! 2 out of 6 people in the gang...

Me and Funda at the balcony of our apartment

Dinner time in Ortaköy

Funda showing Victor how to eat Kumpir ;)

At SuAda

Partying at Anjelique

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