Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My birthday - part 1

Since my parents and Jennifer are still at our summer house I spent the whole day alone with Cem. He really planned it out in every detail, which was the most appreciated present of all. In present I otherwise got a Juicy Couture tracksuit that I've wanted for years, hurrah! 

After breakfast we went to Gröna Lund and spent some hours there - like a child's perfect birthday, wonderful! Unfortunately I've seem to have gotten more afraid for some rides (especially heights!) during the years. Well, actually I just call it a strong desire to live and not die.

After Gröna Lund we took the boat to Slussen. To be continued in next post...

The breakfast at bed. The other sandwich is already in my stomach.

The new ride Eclipse, that's a death wish!

Cem won a golden hat!

Cem just going up Fritt fall, good luck!

Me on the boat with Gröna Lund and Södermalm in the background

Panorama of Djurgården and Gröna Lund

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