Friday, February 21, 2014

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sonar festival

This weekend was all about electronic music! Two nights at Munchenbryggeriet in Stockholm with around 30 electronic artists and DJs performing at three stages.

I must admit that electronic isn't really my style of music but at least now I know for sure! Anyhow I had a great time with Cem and our friends and we got to meet Cem and Eren's favorite artist Bonobo so it was a successful weekend!

 Eren, me and Cem at the balcony with City Hall in the background

Bonobo performing 

Bonobo performing 

Outside on the balcony 

View from the balcony 

 The festival bracelet

The Red Bull stage!!

 Me and a bearded Johan, who I met in the crowd

 The third stage - SonarLab

Bea's 25-year dinner

Celebrated in her parents house in Haninge. Delicious hamburgers and cake!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


A walk in my hoods to Bockholmen with my parents - all three with our cameras at the ready!

Monday, February 17, 2014

LCHF pancakes!

The days are getting longer and the thought of spring doesn't seem so impossible anymore. And this has been a really mind winter with hardly any snow at all (unfortunately..). Let's just hope that the summer gets warm and sunny anyway.

Here's a photo of the LCHF pancakes I made this weekend to Cem and Eren, delicious! :D

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Istanbul tips

People still often asks me for advise before going to Istanbul. I'm proud that people are associate me with the city :)
I wouldn't tell about the most common tourist sites because they can easily be found anyway. Instead I like to give advice about my favorite restaurants and clubs. Here are the updated list of the places since I was last there!

Best places to eat: Best Turkish meat: Hamdi Et Restaurant in Eminönu area (food is not expensive in turkey but popular restaurant so book one week before and say that you want to sit on the terrace.
Best Brunch: Assk kahve in Arnavutköy area. A leafy cafe right on the Bosphorus with tasty food.
Best Brunch 2: The house cafe in the area of ​​Ortaköy. Here are plenty of Turkish celebrities but also the brunch is amazing. Also on the Bosphorus.
Best fast food: Baked potato called Kumpir with filling in the area of Ortaköy

Best nightlife:
Balkon: Start the evening with a few beers or cocktails here. A roof terrace in the Taksim area with soft music and city views.
Nuteras: Also a roof terrace in Taksim. But here you can cut loose and dance literally with Istanbul at your feet and the stars above you. Magnificent!
Anjelique: Top notch. Here club music is played in an intimate club on two floors with a terrace facing the water in the area of Ortaköy. The fancy and the rich arrive in their yachts.
Reina: Another fancy club with Bosphorus but larger than Anjelique. In the area Kurucesme . Get a table if you can, it should cost about 100TL (400kr) and then you will have your own place (it's kind of a crowded club) and a boob tube.
Suada: Restaurants / club / pool area. An artificial island in the middle of the Bosphorus that is accessed by a small boat that goes in front and back from Kurucesme. They have club events sometimes, but otherwise go there for a drink in the sun or a sunset dinner.

View from Istanbul Sapphire

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Book tips! "Analfabeten som kunde räkna"

I just finished reading a great book! It was the sequel to "Hundraåringen som klev ut genom fönstret och försvann". I knew not to have to high expectations on this book since it would be impossible to beat the first book but it actually did!

The book is not translated from Swedish yet but probably it won't take long until it is.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the book: (that also show how twisted the book is!). Watch out for spoilers!

"...Fredrik Reinfeldt (med diskborste i hand) hade utbrustit i frågon om vad det var som stod på. Nombeko svarade honom på engelska och sa som det var, att israeliska Mossad just trängt in i huset i avsikt att lägga beslag på atombomben i potatisbilen. Och kanske på köpet ta en coh annan i rummet av daga. I det avseendet trodde hon att hon själv var högaktuell.
- Israeliska Mossad? sa stadsministern (också på engelska). Med vilken rätt viftar israelska Mossad med vapen i mitt Sverige?
- Mitt Sverige, rättade kungen.
- Ditt Sverige? hörde agent B sig själv säga och tittade ömsom på mannen med förklädet och diskborsen, ömsom på mannen i soffan med blodig skjorta och urdrucken snaps i hand.
- Jag är statsminister Fredrik Reinfeldt, sa statsministern-
- Och jag är kung Carl XVI Gustaf, sa kungen. Statsministerns chef, kan man säga. Och det här är grevinnan Viranen, tillställningens värdinna.
- Jo, jag tackar jag, sa grevinnan stolt."

"Tvåan hade övat på sitt samtal med statsministern i nästan tjugo års tid. Han hade förberett ett närmast oändligt antal scenarier - inget av dem inkluderade möjligheten att han och statsministern skulle finna sig inlåsta i en potatisbil. Tillsammans med bomben. Och kungen. Med tvåans kungahatande bror bakom ratten. På väg mot okänt mål."

"Ettan viskade till Celestine att det var dags att de satte ner fötterna. Hon nickade och bestämde sig för att börja med att förklara situationen för sin mormor. Och så gjorde hon det, väldigt kort. Saken var den att kungen var kidnappad, med statsministern på köpet. OCh nu skulle hon och Holger tvinga honom att avgå.
- Statsministern?
- Nej, kungen."

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


At a shooting range outside Stockholm. I've never hold a gun before in my life, what an adrenaline kick!!! Haha however, my shooting skills were not that great and I'm actually not thinking about improving them ;)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Out of office!

One of the best night club experiences I've had in Sweden!

My night started with after work at Stratsys' new office at Riddargatan. Everyone seemed satisfied with the move and the office was really nice. Otherwise not much changed since last. It was so nice to see everyone again! 

After that we went to Ambassadeur where the club concept Out of office had their monthly party. It starts at 6 pm and goes to 9 pm and the party is in full speed at 7pm! So when you get out at 9 from the club you feel like you've had a whole night out and can be home early. However, me, Anna and My continued to V and partied all night! :)