Friday, September 16, 2011

Istanbul with Mirjam - Sultanahmet

No touristic trip to Istanbul is complete without a visit to Sultanahmet to see the sights:

Blue Mosque

Lone at Blue Mosque

Mirjam and Lone at Blue Mosque

At Blue Mosque

At Blue Mosque

Lone in Sultanahmet with Blue Mosque in the background

Boys in Sultanahmet with their Sünnet (circumcision) costumes

In Blue Mosque

In Blue Mosque

In Blue Mosque

Corn seller boy in Sultanahmet

In Sultanahmet

The area behind the spice bazaar

Eminönü from inside the spice bazaar

 Mirjam and Lone relaxing in my friends Sinan's store. As usual we had some troubles finding it but in the end we did and was rewarded with anything we wanted from the store.

 Sinan in his and his brothers store

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