Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Stockholm guide

A friend of mine asked for some advise about things to do in Sweden to give to his boss. Thought I could share the list here also!

Tourist attractions:
For the main tourist attractions they should see this guide, I think all things on the list are really good things to see and do. That webpage also give a lot of other good recommendations like world heritage sites in Stockholm, best food trucks and good shopping.

If they have limited time I should concentrate on Gamla stan with the Royal Castle, and Djurgården (Royal National City Park) where Skansen, ABBA-museum and the spirits museum (nominated to the best museum in Europe 2014) is located. The the hop on-hop off boats are a perfect way to easily and fast go between the tourist attractions and at the same time see the city.

If they are interested in art the top two museums are Moderna Museet and Nationalmuseum, depending on what type of art they are interested in.

For what I could understand regarding restaurants they are mainly interested in fine dining so the places I'm recommending might be expensive. For all the following restaurants booking table should be done in advance, it can almost always be made at their websites.

Best brunch:
Berns - Berns opened 150 years ago and is restaurant, club, concert hall and hotel - but don't miss the brunch in the saloon with great chandeliers. Indulge in the buffet reveling instead in including sushi, oysters and dumplings and don't miss the dessert buffet!

Hasselbacken - At Djurgården. Brunch weekends at 12 - 14. Also hotel with long history. The brunch has everything you might expect and it's possible to sit outdoors too.

Hotel Skeppsholmen - Situated on an really small island in the middle of Stockholm. Swedish traditional food. Perfect for lunch.

B.A.R. - Directed by three Swedish famous chefs. Focusing on local produce and fish; guests choose what they wanna eat from the aquarium or the ice display.

Strandvägen 1 - At Stockholms finest address. Cosmopolic but homely place. Classic great food without fuss.

Sturehof - The place where people go to for "displaying themselves" in the middle of Stureplan. Swedish tradtional food with fine quality; especially fish.

All the best and exclusive clubs are situated around the area Stureplan. The queues to get into the clubs are long so be sure to be out in a good time.

Cafe Opera - A great club in a amazing local with high in roof and chandeliers inside the Stockholm opera house. 4 000SEK for a table (for guys)

Soap Bar - Probably the smallest and most crowded place around Stureplan, but I love it! The dj mixes like crazy between new hits and old favorites. It gets full at 12pm so be there at 11 to avoid the line.

V - The vip club to the right inside the club Sturecompagniet. Filled with beautiful people, ice torches and champagne. The other vip club Suite inside Sturecompaniet is also really good but smaller.

There are many other great clubs in the same area; you can see pictures from most of them here:

Best outdoor bar/lounges:
Swedes are crazy about drinking outside whenever the weather allows. Here are my favorite 3 places, all close to Stureplan.

Strandbryggan - On a big bridge on the water next to the yacht club.

Josefina - "The SuAda of Stockholm". A big lounge bar and restaurant with comfortable seating and view of the water. They have day parties sometimes during summer.

Grand Escalier Jardin - A hidden garden right behind Stureplan for Stockholm's "it crowd". The inside lounge part Esque is the place where I've spent my winter

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