Saturday, June 14, 2014


Best warm up for Summerburst! They needed audience for the tv show Grillmästarna that was being shot at Griffins steakhouse. We got all the food that the chefs made and then we had to be filmed in a small interview about what we thought about the food. Haha we were all kinda nervous and made a fool out of ourselves except Cem, but he didn't wanna do it at first because he said his Swedish was too bad. Bullshit!

After lunch we went home to Anna's for some preparty.

Haha and a fun thing was that we ended up at after party that night at the host for Grillmästarna, Christian Hellberg, but that's another story :)

At set!

Anna, My, me and Mimmi at Anna's place

Update 2014-08-07:
They aired the episode today and this is what was shown. A half a second clip of all of us sitting down and in the end of the show Cem saying "It was really good". Hahaha! A colleague of mine even texted me and wondered if it was my boyfriend on tv, even though they never met.

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