Thursday, August 28, 2014

Towards Ystad!

For conference/kickoff with work. Arriving to Copenhagen we had a huge trouble getting to Ystad since it had rained so much and all Malmö was flooded. Had never seen so much rain!!

Abandoned cars on the highway

The hosts of the weekend!

Mine and Anna's room!

Segway time!

Doing segway in a bath robe, smart! Since we all would get totally wet from the rain anyway.


..and drinks...

...and dancing!

The first evening ended with a night bath in the ocean :)

Work with a view!

At the office, Bonnierhuset

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Eric weekend

Eric nowadays live in Moscow. When he's home in Sweden you know the weekend is gonna be all in :) Last weekend in pictures: Drinks at Spymlan, partying at Spy bar, breakfast at Fiskis with Mimmi, pre-party with Ullis and Mimmi at Eric's friend and then going out to Rose and coming home early in the morning. The day I meet with Eric again at Esque to plan a NG trip to Moscow. Going to be so great! :D

Directly from the garden!

Proud and capable Mum :)