Thursday, January 22, 2015

17 ways your life changes after you lived in Turkey

Found this list online. Haha, recognizing myself a lot and miss Istanbul like crazy now!
Turkey is a wonderful country and living here is definitely a one of a kind experience. No matter how close your far is your culture from the Turkish one, every day you’ll learn something new. Here are some singes that you spend way too much time in Turkey or that you are becoming the ”perfect expat”.
1. You start to love breakfast, loooong breakfasts! (Well, no wonder because they taste very, very good!)
2. You added to your shopping list the Turkish tea. In fact tea has become your favorite beverage, you’re always up for a cup of tea anywhere, anytime and you feel strange if a day passed without drinking tea.tea-and-turkish-bagel
3. You learned how to cross the street in zig-zag in record time in any given conditions and you totally forgot about the meaning of traffic lights or ”zebras”.

4. You got used with the fact that there is always traffic and the essential question is now ”when there is not A LOT of traffic”?
5. You know all the touristic places and you avoid them as much as you can. You already learned  that there are way better spots to enjoy that are not in the guidebook-Thanks God!(especially in Istanbul)13778-hayatistan-anadolu-hisari-goksu-deresi-2608-950px
6. You know that when in need you can call the ‘bakkal”, the shop around the corner and they will bring your groceries at your door.

7. You know that in Istanbul there is bus,metro,dolmuş(shared taxi), mini bus, metrobus, light metro, tram, marmaray, funicular, ferry but in spite of all this, after midnight you can  only use the taxi.
8. You do not complain anymore that you are charged every time you change the metro line.
9. You learned that you Never Ever talk bad about Turkey to a Turkish person. Never!
10. You got used to see the picture/signature of Atatürk everywhere. Where there’s no Atatürk, there’s a problem.
ataturk 789456

11. You learned who is Ataürk and got to respect it as much as Turkish people do.
12. When you first heard the ”ezan”, the call for prayer it was something exotic and you  liked it. Now you barely hear it. You got to the point that you totally ignore it. Five times a day.
13. You have at least one ”evil eye” in your house.

14. You learned the places where you can find the cheapest… everything.
15. You don’t say ”OK” anymore, you say ”tamam”.
16. You’ve got a museum card so you can visit most of the museums for free.
17. You started to like the 23447845614 stray cats that you see every day.

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