Sunday, February 8, 2015

Anything can happen in London!

It the evening we were going to drinks at Lexi's but the police blocked her house because there were a crazy man with a knife. Instead we went to Lexi's friend TJ's apartment nearby. We were confused at first because when we stepped out of the elevator at the top floor we were taken into a bedroom that we though were his apartment but then we realized that the whole floor was the apartment!
TJ had been working within the US military intelligence and were a huge collector of old military stuff and books. Fantastic to see someone so passionate about something.

Bubbles time!

Öyku, Anastassia, Lexi, Kerem, Marie, (Lauren not in picture), TJ, and his friends. A really mixed group!

The tin soldier collection!

No words can explain this ;)

Clubbin at Zebrano Bars

Clubbin at Zebrano Bars

Great hiphop in the basement!

Walking home barefoot, I look happy but my feet were killing me!

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